Law enforcement personnel strive to protect and serve the public, but lapses in judgment can result in quite the opposite. When a mistake occurs which costs a member of the public injury, death, or material losses, you as a police officer can be held personally and professionally liable for damages. For this reason, it is critical that you have police liability insurance. Here are two instances that can necessitate this type of protection:

Wrongful Arrest

Wrongful arrests can happen as a result of incorrect eyewitness identification, multiple people matching the same description, or other factors. When this happens, innocent people experience the trauma of the arrest process with all of the verbal- and physical aggravation that comes with it. Moreso, the individual will likely miss work or be absent from caring for children in the coming days or weeks. These consequences can have devastating and lasting effects psychologically, physically, and financially, and for these reasons, wrongful arrest lawsuits can amount in the millions of dollars. 

Wrongful No-Knock Warrant

Entering the wrong apartment or house for a no-knock warrant can lead to similar consequences listed above. In this case, you may be liable not only for damages experienced by the innocent person, but also for damages to onlooking family members and to the physical residence as well. Without police liability insurance, you will be held personally liable – and may face prison time yourself.

Mistakes can happen, and although the psychological- and physical damage can never be mitigated, police liability insurance can help mitigate some or all of the financial damages inflicted.

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