What do you do when your new home checklist & budget are out of sync? It’s financially unwise to stretch your budget to meet the items on your checklist, so the wise thing to do is to take a look at your new home checklist and see if you can amend it to better match your budget. Here are two considerations when trying to pare down your new home wants and needs.

Living Space Considerations

Having a second or third story can be exciting at first, but you really need all that space? Just because a large home is something you hear that you should want, doesn’t mean it actually is. Remember, more space means more areas to clean, higher property taxes, and of course, a higher purchase price. Skip having a guest bedroom or two and stick to the number of bedrooms you actually need.

Storage Needs

Sometimes your heart jumps at the opportunity to own a garage, large basement, or other storage areas, but these things come at a higher purchase price. Consider buying the smaller house now and you can build a shed or storage unit in the future using a do-it-yourself kit.

These are just two points to consider when amending your new home checklist to fit your budget.

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