Why Home Insurance Is Important

Home Insurance in Wisconsin is important for many reasons. A home is a large investment and one you should protect. If a windstorm or a fire were to happen on your property, would you be able to afford to rebuild or repair? If there is a burglary in your home and the thief takes off with several hundreds of dollars in jewelry or electronics, will you be able to afford to buy new items? Having insurance can help you cover the cost of disasters, accidents and incidents. Home insurance can also protect you if someone is injured on your property and they want to hold you liable.

Besides having peace of mind that your home is insured, it is also usually required by lenders to have home insurance in Wisconsin before they will lend you the money.

It’s important to have a thorough discussion with your insurance agent when applying for home insurance. You need to know exactly what is covered and what is not. For example, fires are typically covered, but a flood or earthquake damage may not be included in the basic homeowners coverage. If you live in an area where you are especially concerned about these things happening, you may want to purchase additional coverage.

Do a search online to find the best company that can help you with home insurance in Wisconsin.

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Love: The Spoken Word of Tshombe The Poet

“Black Pearl”, the title of one of Tshombe, the Poet’s hip-hop songs speaks of love – a woman with silk smooth skin, the daughter of Sheba. He speaks of her body, each part, and the strength that he gets – her lips that spread truth, the wisdom that stimulates his intellect. “You are the foundation.”


He talks about her as his destiny…that this woman holds the key to his redemption. How could he possibly forsake her? She stood by him as he failed in his efforts to become great. She is strength. All she asks for in return is his respect and to be honored by him. She will give him everything for the dignity she deserves.


Although this message seems to be quite personal and intimate, between Tshombe, the Poet, and this woman, who he extols as his “life”, it is a universal message, speaking to all who receive and give love yet perhaps don’t truly value the gift that they have been given. In his own way, he is reinforcing the values of matrimony – to honor, to respect. And that is what his love is asking of him, as all woman want from their partners.


“Black Pearl” is a wonderful message for all who are open to listening to Tshombe, the Poet.


Reasons To Have Homeowners Insurance In PA For Your Condo

If you own a Condo, you may not think about how important it is to have homeowners insurance in PA. Maybe you think you are sufficiently covered by your condo association’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While it is true that most condo associations have homeowners insurance, their policy is usually only good for the common areas and exterior walls of the buildings. The coverage does not extend to your own privately-owned unit.
Since you never know when something might go wrong, it is a good idea to have homeowners insurance in PA for your condo. There is nothing you can do about a natural disaster like an earthquake or flood damaging your house, but if you have insurance, you can be protected. This can give you an enormous amount of peace of mind knowing that the investment you have made in your condo is safe.
Homeowners insurance in PA can also protect you if someone gets hurt on your property. All it takes is for someone to trip and fall on your stairs, and you could end up in court. Homeowners insurance can cover these litigation costs and help ensure that you will not lose your home over the entire thing.
Having a homeowners insurance policy for your condo can protect one of the most important assets you own. Visit the Dryfoos Group Insurance website.

Obtaining A Quote For Employment Agencies Insurance

In today’s litigious society, it is more important than ever to have adequate insurance coverage. This is especially true in the staffing industry because you are sending workers to a third party location and relinquishing a lot of the control that you would ordinarily have over employees that remain on site. You are also more vulnerable to discrimination lawsuits because of the high volume of applicants you will process each year. So how do you know how much employment agencies insurance is enough? Start by finding a company that specializes in the staffing industry and provide them with the necessary information. From there they can recommend the best insurance products for your needs.

Most companies that offer employment agencies insurance will require you to fill out an online application to start the quote process. You will probably be required to estimate your payroll or sales revenue to obtain an accurate quote. It is important to take the time to come up with an accurate projection figure. If you estimate too high, you will likely end up paying a higher premium that you need; too low and you will end up with gaps in your coverage.

You may also need to provide a copy of your employee handbook when obtaining quotes for employment agencies insurance. This should not only outline the policies and procedures for screening potential candidates, but should also detail standards of conduct for temporary employees when they are working at a third party location.

If you are in need of insurance products designed specifically for the staffing industry, visit World Wide Specialty Program for more information.

Tshombe The Poet: About Face in the Digital Age

Tshombe the Poet takes us into the 21st Century, musing over how the digital age has transformed us, as we’re lost in the .dot coms where the “mouse has us trapped”! What a clever play on words as Tshombe brings to life our dependency on computers, smarphones, and iPads – connected like an umbilical chord to these devices. Thumbs clicking away on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media platforms to stay connected, all the while disconnecting from the fabric of our lives.


Tshombe reminds us that we are looking for love in the all the wrong places, “more concerned about how our faces look in Facebook”. Think about it: Every time you upload a photo, take a video, what are you saying to your virtual world? What are you showing? The real you? The virtual you? Tshombe, the Poet, has us looking inward as to what we’re really aiming for, a life of real connection or one that has a screen between us and others.


All of his commentaries are set to riffs and sounds – verbal jazz as he calls it – that are meant to sometimes offset the strong messages he is conveying while at other times designed to underscore the meanings of his words. Each of his words has been carefully chosen. His voice is mesmerizing, its depth soothing, while the words he speaks can be quite cutting. You are left with an experience that leaves you wanting more.