What Is An Emergency Fund? And Why Should I Have One?

Emergency FundMany people have an emergency fund just in case of well an emergency. Now the reasons that many people have an emergency fund are because they are just planning for any uncertainties in the future.
You see while you can never really know when something is going to take place. You can actual still in a way prepare for it. This is really what an emergency fund is. You will have put together a solid plan that can help you out in a time when you and your family are hit tough by a financial hardship.
The idea behind a person having an emergency fund is to cover the major expenditures such as your mortgage or rent and other essential bills. Think of it as some kind of safety net that you have there just in case something terrible does happen.
You are probably wondering just how much exactly you should have in your emergency fund. Well truth be told there is no real right or wrong answer, but you do want to have enough in there to help you out for say at least a month if things do get real tough. Some people even will hide enough away to cover them for over a year. I know this may seem a little excessive and is probably out of the question for most families out there, but some people do actually put away that much.
One other thing that is really important when planning an emergency fund is where you are going to store the money. Remember you are not trying to make money on interest here. The idea is that you can get to the money as soon as you need it. So you do not want to put it into some complicated bank account that is going to take a while to get the money out of.
Nope you want to make sure that you are putting your money in a place where you can have instant access. I am not saying that you need to start storing wads of cash around your house, but aging this is not unheard of. Just use a regular old bank account that lets you add or take as much as you want when you want.
We can never know when a accident is going to happen, but by having an emergency fund we can at least prepare for the financial fall out.

A Legacy Of Safety

Public schools are some of the most respected institutions in the United States. For generations American families have entrusted schools with the well-being of their children. Teachers, administrators, and staff members have a legacy of safety and security to live up to and a policy for public school insurance in Indiana is one of the most valuable tools they can have.

Safety Through Risk Management

The choice to carry an insurance policy is one of the best forms of risk management there is. Identifying potential risks and developing ways to manage those risks is a big part of the job done by school administrators. Companies selling public school insurance in Indiana are willing to help with a school district’s risk management efforts by providing coverage options that address the concerns specific to public schools and similar educational centers.

Forms of Coverage

What forms of policy coverage are most important to public schools? An insurance company experienced in covering public schools can describe the importance of these and other lines of coverage:


  • Auto
  • Property
  • AD&D
  • Educator legal liability
  • General liability


Community members, parents, teachers, and school administrators all want to create a safe place for kids to go to school. While everyone is going to do their best to keep schools on track, the fact is that there is always the potential for a problem to develop. The policies that insurance companies make available are just one of the ways that those risks can be effectively managed.

Surety Bonds In PA Help Facilitate Positive Relationships

What Are Surety Bonds?

Surety bonds in PA are a type of insurance that guarantees the fulfillment of contractual or legal obligations by one party (the principal) for the benefit of another party (the obligee). There are many forms and types of surety bonds. Here are a few settings in which surety bonds are often used:


  • Public official bonds, which guarantee honest and proper practices of individuals elected or appointed to serve in government positions.
  • Contract bonds used in the construction industry, with the contractor as the principal and the owner of the property as the obligee.
  • License and permit bonds, which ensure to the government that individuals or businesses will comply with all applicable and appropriate laws, regulations, statutes and ordinances.
  • Miscellaneous surety bonds, which are specially designed for unique situations and relationships. These can be used to support commercial, government, or individual relationships.

Why Does My Company Need Surety Bonds?

For an obligee, the benefit of a surety bond is that if the principal fails to fulfill the requirements stipulated, the surety will pay a certain amount of money to the obligee and then seek reimbursement from the principal. This way the obligee is guaranteed either the fulfillment of certain requirements or else a monetary reimbursement for failure of the principal to comply.

Surety Bonds in PA are a way to smooth relationships between two parties. They can be functional in personal or in commercial relationships.