Finding the Future With Staffing Analytics

Understanding how the past affects the future is the heart of data analytics. Staffing firms can learn a lot from looking into how staffing procedures affect workflow, efficiency and standard practices. These insights from staffing analytics may help agencies and companies hire more effective employees and develop new procedures.

The Power of Data

According to the experts at World Wide Specialty Programs, companies stand to see upwards of 80% increases in profits over a three-year period when analyzing staffing data to make larger corporate decisions. Looking at how specific staff interacts with the business and clientele helps managers and corporate officers make better decisions about who to hire and when to promote certain individuals. Staffing analytics looks at a variety of factors.

  • Where the most productive employees are located
  • Discover where the most talented recruits come from
  • How to incorporate new talent into existing staffing structures
  • Predicting the best time to hire or when the business should reduce recruit intake
  • Calculate the ROI for each employee as well as teams as a whole

being able to make accurate predictions is how every business stays ahead of the curve. Taking advantage of the power behind staffing analytics may help a company find the best candidates to bring their workforce, organization and shareholders towards a very profitable future.

Lowering Costs With Captive Market Options for Workers Compensation

Over the past decade, companies in many industries have begun working harder to implement safer work practices and more protected environments for their employees. These improvements have resulted in a decline in workplace injuries, which in turn reduced the number of worker’s compensation claims. Hopefully, this trend will continue as more workplaces become safer for employees, but it creates a problem for the business itself. With a reduced risk of workers compensation claims, many businesses find themselves spending far more than they need to for insurance in this area.

A Solution to Overpriced Workers Comp Insurance

To solve the problem of paying too much, captive market workers comp insurance might be the right choice. The best candidates for these insurance options are large risk groups. According to the insurance professionals at Monarch Partners Group, this type of policy not only benefits the company but also serves the workers better than a policy with excessive premiums.

Captive market insurance avoids traditional insurance market cycles and it provides more flexibility and control for the business owners. Tax savings are an additional benefit of captive market insurance. Some groups may offer a separate cell system that will allow you to continue operating with your own capital structure and avoid the economic impacts of other companies’ risk results. With reduced insurance premiums and quality protection, you and your workers can focus on producing your best work.

Understanding How Socially Engineered Attacks Affect Cybersecurity

Companies rely on cybersecurity insurance to protect their data and assets in the Digital Age. Criminals abound in the cyber world taking advantage of the internet and hacking into corporate documents. Criminals using techniques against cybersecurity are social engineering attacks covered under insurance policies.

Coverage Limitations

The experts at Mavon Insurance state that social engineering attacks may not be covered because they do not constitute a breach. These criminals rely on misinformation to obtain money or data from a company eliminating the insurance company’s liability in many cases. Each plan is slightly different making it essential companies thoroughly read their insurance policies. Some plans offer additional coverage options to help address these concerns.

Helpful Techniques

While insurance is one way to mitigate loss, there are additional checks and balances businesses can put into place to reduce socially engineered attacks. Only give employees access to the information they need to perform their positions to avoid unnecessary data loss. Another tip is to proactively train employees on the latest cybersecurity protections. You can then monitor employees using the latest network monitoring software.

Creative hackers using cybersecurity are social engineering attacks covered under insurance policies costing you money. There are things businesses can do to protect their data beyond cybersecurity insurance. Following these methods can help mitigate risk and reduce financial losses.

Why Do Insurance Agents Need SEO?

With the internet so widely available, it’s essential that insurance agents take advantage of online marketing. One of the best ways is to utilize search engine optimization, called SEO for short. In fact, every business can benefit from SEO, and if you’re not incorporating it into your marketing campaign, you’re actually falling behind.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO uses keywords to boost your webpages’ rankings on search engines results pages such as those generated by Google and Bing. The best search engine optimization for insurance agents is tailored to agencies’ specific needs using data analysis, as seen on This ensures that your pages are being seen by visitors who are more likely to need your services.

What Are the Benefits?

The number one benefit is a boost to your site’s traffic. Search engine optimization for insurance agents targets internet users interested in policies, driving them toward applicable pages on your website. As a result, you may see more conversions and an increase in policy sales. SEO can also be used to position your company as an authority on insurance, which is essential to brand development.

Many people turn to the internet to research policies before buying. To make sure you’re the first resource they see, invest in search engine optimization for insurance agents.