Important Considerations about Life Insurance

A life insurance policy offers invaluable peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Navigating this field can be somewhat complicated, s it’s important to give your coverage election careful consideration.

Craft a Plan to Meet Your Needs

Simply having a life insurance plan doesn’t signify that your family is adequately provided for. You shouldn’t be wholly reliant on an employer-sponsored policy if you know that it doesn’t offer the coverage that your family would need. Try to be pragmatic about calculating what your family would need to continue living comfortably for an extended period of time that is greater than just a few months. Consider that they may be faced with additional unexpected costs such as medical care, final expenses, or unpaid obligations.

Work With an Experienced Insurer

If you need to get help from life insurance professionals in Richmond VA, reach out to a company that can provide you with a range of options rather than electing a one-size-fits-all plan. They can advise you about the differences and benefits of various plans.

  •       Term life insurance
  •       Whole life policy
  •       Universal life policy
  •       Survivorship policy

Safeguarding the people who you care about most is an important responsibility. Get expert help to attain affordable life insurance coverage with terms that are easy to understand.

The True Cost of Owning a Boat

Owning a boat is the dream of many water-loving adventurers. Purchasing a boat should be an informed decision. While you many doubt your Loe for the water, there are many more things to consider and weigh before your purchase, such as the real cost of boat ownership.

Slip Fees or Storage

You don’t get to leave your boat in the water for free. Keeping your boat at a marina will cost you a monthly slip fee and these can vary greatly by the marina. It could be as much as a car payment. 

Unless you have a large boat pad, storing the boat on your property probably isn’t an option either. The marina offers dry storage, which might be more affordable than a slip fee, but is still going to be a monthly payment. 


Just as you need insurance on an automobile, you need coverage for your boat as well. You’ll want to protect it on and off the water, but you’ll also want to protect yourself from liability, as accidents can happen on the water, too. 

Other Expenses

Other expenses that you’ll incur when you own a boat include

  • maintenance and repair costs
  • gasoline
  • a trailer to tow the boat

Talk to other boat owners and see what other things you might need to consider. Deciding whether or not boat ownership is right for you should be based on gathering the facts. 

Adding a Health and Wellness Program to Your Business’ Benefits Package

A program that is intended to promote individuals’ health and wellness is an excellent addition to any company’s benefits package. This type of program can create a healthier and more productive workforce while also making other benefits administration more cost-effective. Ultimately, a programmatic approach to supporting employee wellness can offer your business several distinct advantages.

Reduced Absenteeism

When health and wellness programs result in employees developing healthier lifestyles, they will be less likely to develop a serious medical condition or sustain an injury. Consequently, employees may need to take less time off of work than they would without having utilized the benefits of this type of program.

Enhanced Productivity

A health and wellness program benefits will give employees access to benefits that can improve overall health such as nutritional counseling, smoking cessation support, or a fitness club membership. With better physical and mental health, they can work more productively. Employees will be better able to make their work product match their work ethic, and they’ll be less susceptible to distraction or fatigue.

Wellness programs are a smart and affordable investment in your workforce’s well-being. Your team will genuinely appreciate their company cares about their health, and you’ll promote a positive and productive company culture where employees feel valued as individuals.