Hiring a new employee is an exciting step for growing businesses, but it can also be a daunting one. It is not unheard of for employees to take advantage of the situation and file a workers’ compensation claim for an injury that may have been pre-existing or may not have actually occurred on the job. Fortunately, businesses can take a number of measures to reduce the likelihood of such an incident and thus decrease workers’ comp costs.

  1. Pre-Employment Physicals

Many employers are able to minimize health concerns for both new and existing employees by using pre employment physicals to reduce work comp costs. These routine check-ups prevent employees from making false claims about conditions or injuries they had before even taking the job.

  1. Background Checks

Similar to pre-employment physicals, background checks allow employers to identify issues that employees can use to their advantage in a workers’ comp case. If, for example, an employee tests positive for drugs, they are more at risk for becoming injured or inducing injury on the job. Knowing this in advance can prevent a legal fiasco.

  1. Employment History

Unfortunately, some employees are chronic manipulators. By closely examining a new hire’s employment history and references, businesses can identify any past instances of workers comp or other similar claims, as repeat offenders are not uncommon.

Despite the fact that employees often take advantage of workers’ comp payouts, there are a number of simple protocols every business can put into place to minimize costs, stress, and even reputational damages.

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