It’s no secret that nonprofit organizations operate on limited budgets, but liability insurance coverage is a necessity that ensures the physical, monetary, and reputational protection of the organizations, their hardworking employees, and their loyal crews of volunteers. Decide which policies work best for your organization, while keeping in mind a few of the most important coverages to have on hand.

1. General Liability

Although it’s considered a standard insurance policy, general liability is undoubtedly one of the best nonprofit liability insurance coverage options. It helps cover the costs of any ensuing damages should an employee or volunteer cause injury to another person or another person’s property while on the job.

2. Workers’ Compensation

Like general liability, workers’ comp is a basic coverage option that has earned its spot as a necessary policy. In addition to being, in many states, a legal requirement, workers’ comp protects your company as well as employees if they obtain injury on company property or while conducting company business.

3. Property Insurance

While property insurance is often considered a desired policy rather than a required one, it’s vital to the success of most organizations. If your organization contains any special equipment, including technological property like computers and phones, it’s unwise––and often illegal––to not possess any coverage for the property.

Before choosing policies, investigate all liability coverage options, as some may be more or less suitable for your specific needs. Adequate research affords the best available options without breaking your budget.

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