A Clean Shop is a Safe Shop

A place of business should be kept as clean and orderly as possible. This is especially true of an auto repair shop, where there are many underlying hazards and dangers to both customers and employees. For example, a stray extension cord or air hose lying across the floor can result in a trip and fall. Parts strewn here or there can cause a person to be injured as well. There are all types of heavy equipment, oily or greasy floors, and other concerns that could result in injuries if not careful.

What can an owner do to keep a clean and safe shop that will not only prevent losses but also help keep auto repair shop insurance premiums in line.

First impressions can make a difference

Starting at the front door of the shop, survey the interior and the exterior:

Are the windows clean?
Is the door handle clean and easy to operate?
Is the entry area clear of parts and pieces?
Are there any landscape areas that need attention?
How about the sidewalk? It should be free of stains and spills.

How about the restroom?

Would customers comment how clean it is or would they prefer to stop at the next gas station on their way home?
Are sanitary seat covers, soap and paper towels for drying available in the restroom?

Realizing how important this is to the perception of the customer is of the utmost importance. By taking care of these business-related needs up to this point, it is likely that everything else, including their car being given the best possible service, is being taken care of as well.

Safety first

Look around the actual shop and repair areas and make sure the following is in place:

The safety locks should work as designed
Parts should be kept neat and tidy
Oil tanks should be clean
The waste oil tank should be as clean as the fresh oil tank
Soiled rags should be kept in a separate self-closing container
There shouldn’t be any gasoline or other fuels stored inside

Look around the base of each above ground lift and the post of in-ground lifts; is there any evidence of oil leaking? It’s not uncommon to have a slow leak that gets cleaned up when other cleaning occurs. Know how long before the system is too low on oil to operate correctly, and ensure it is serviced. An independent company should be inspecting the lifts every year for proper operation.

These tips will not only help you keep your customers coming back, but they will also help in preventing injuries and losses – important steps in preventing claims and keeping your auto repair shop insurance costs in line.