Public schools are some of the most respected institutions in the United States. For generations American families have entrusted schools with the well-being of their children. Teachers, administrators, and staff members have a legacy of safety and security to live up to and a policy for public school insurance in Indiana is one of the most valuable tools they can have.

Safety Through Risk Management

The choice to carry an insurance policy is one of the best forms of risk management there is. Identifying potential risks and developing ways to manage those risks is a big part of the job done by school administrators. Companies selling public school insurance in Indiana are willing to help with a school district’s risk management efforts by providing coverage options that address the concerns specific to public schools and similar educational centers.

Forms of Coverage

What forms of policy coverage are most important to public schools? An insurance company experienced in covering public schools can describe the importance of these and other lines of coverage:


  • Auto
  • Property
  • AD&D
  • Educator legal liability
  • General liability


Community members, parents, teachers, and school administrators all want to create a safe place for kids to go to school. While everyone is going to do their best to keep schools on track, the fact is that there is always the potential for a problem to develop. The policies that insurance companies make available are just one of the ways that those risks can be effectively managed.