Working as a boat cleaner can seem like a relatively benign career choice. After all, there are no serious physical risks to consider unless you somehow injure yourself while cleaning. However, as with most businesses, there is a certain amount of financial risk to consider. Luckily, boat cleaning insurance can help cover you in case something unexpectedly goes wrong.

What Is Boat Cleaning Insurance?

Boat cleaning insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is designed to protect boat cleaners from a variety of financial risks they may face. It can cover things like medical bills, legal costs, and more.

What Types of Coverage Come With Boat Cleaning Insurance?

There is generally only one type of coverage that boat cleaners need: general liability insurance. When cleaning a boat, it is not out of the question that you could accidentally damage it and end up getting sued. Additionally, you could accidentally leave a puddle of cleaning solution that someone ends up slipping on and getting injured. Since this was your error, you would be responsible for their medical bills. With boat cleaning insurance, you would be covered in both of these situations and many more.

Working as a boat cleaner can be risky at times. Luckily, boat cleaning insurance can offer you the protection you need.

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