Restaurants, clubs, and bars are generally relaxed establishments where people can go to enjoy themselves and have some good food and beverages. However, things do occasionally get out of control, despite your best efforts to create a good atmosphere. When this happens, people can occasionally get hurt which can lead to some serious liability issues. You as the business owner could easily become liable for the patron’s injuries and the associated costs. If you want to avoid this, investing in stand alone assault and battery insurance may be your best bet.

What Businesses Need Assault and Battery Insurance?

With the large variety of different establishments that offer different things, it can be difficult to decide whether it is worth purchasing assault and battery insurance for your business. If your business employs bouncers or serves alcohol, you should definitely consider purchasing this type of insurance. On the other hand, businesses that don’t serve alcohol, or serve very little alcohol, may not necessarily need to pay for this coverage.

How Much Does Assault and Battery Insurance Cost?

The cost of assault and battery insurance can vary widely. There are a few factors that come into play when insurance providers are determining the price you will pay.  Some of these are:

Being liable for an assault and battery situation can be very financially damaging.  Assault and battery insurance can make a huge difference.

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