In any type of business, mistakes can happen. They can affect clients or third parties and result in a lawsuit that can cost you dearly. Professional liability insurance is a must for any business. Attorneys are vulnerable to malpractice suits. In today’s computer-driven world, cyberattacks and data breaches are always a threat. An attorney must be insured against them too.

Cyber Liability Protection

The law profession relies on computers and the internet as much as any other field. The sad fact is that there are hackers everywhere. Their reasons are varied but their intent is the same. They attack computer systems, inflicting viruses and stealing data. For practicing attorneys, cyber insurance Florida is vital. 

Data Breaches Are Costly

If a hacker accesses your system steals precious data, the costs can be enormous. Research has found that the average cost of a cyber security attack is $3.5 million with some breaches costing as much as $76 million. These figures can bankrupt and law firm as well as its partners and associates. There is also the damage to reputations that can destroy a business and career you worked hard to build.

Your law firm is your livelihood and a part of who you are. Make sure you are protected from cyber security breaches. Cyber liability insurance is not an option. It’s a necessity.

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