Not every company owns vehicles, even when it depends on their use. Sometimes, businesses make a point of hiring short-term rentals when they need to make deliveries or transport goods from a supplier themselves. Sometimes, they rely on the use of employee or owner vehicles, or even outside contractors to do the driving. In each of these cases, they need a form of commercial auto insurance, as well as when the company owns its own vehicles.

Contractor Coverage

Independent contractors using their own vehicles should carry liability coverage themselves, and you need to check for it before hiring one. At the same time, if they are involved in an incident that causes your client damages, you could still face some financial liability, so you need coverage as well.

Employee or Partner Vehicles

Using a private vehicle on a business’s behalf can also expose your company to liability under some circumstances. That makes it important to cover them when they work for your business, because some personal auto insurance policies exclude business uses from coverage.

Vehicles Your Company Owns

Perhaps the most important kind of commercial auto insurance is the kind that’s built for your fleet vehicles. Even if you only have a single auto in your company garage, it’s important to cover it robustly, like you would your personal vehicle. Get a quote from an agent today and find out how much protection you need for your new asset.

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