What Makes a Good Insurance Company?

Not all insurance providers are created equal, which is one of the reasons consumers take plenty of time to choose where to purchase a policy. That being said, there are certain qualities of an insurance agency that help good providers stand out.

The Top 3 Characteristics of a Good Company

Just because the price of a policy is attractive doesn’t mean the company itself is reputable or trustworthy. When researching your options and deciding on which insurance provider to choose, be sure to look for the following three aspects:
Excellent customer service: This includes helping consumers find the right policy and processing claims quickly.
Plenty of services: The provider should be able to meet your needs, whether it is for your personal life or your business. For more information about the services offered by a quality insurance provider, see the examples listed by Moody Insurance Worldwide.
Transparent terms: A trustworthy company clearly states the terms and conditions of their services and does not hide anything from you.

Don’t Settle for Less

When you choose an insurance company, there are many characteristics to look for. However, the three listed above are some of the most important qualities of an insurance agency you should focus on to receive the service and products you desire.

The Right Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Marketing is everything when it comes to the future of your company. When you create and implement the right marketing strategies, it can make a huge difference for your overall success. Of course, there are certain considerations to take before you can reap these benefits. For one, you might be wondering should insurance agencies hire in house or external marketing team. To understand the answer to this, it can be a good idea to look over some basic details.

External Advantages

According to the professionals at agencytsunami.com/, there are a few approaches you can consider for this. Working with an external team can offer you a few advantages. For one, you only pay for the work that is completed. With an in-house team, employees are paid hourly and all of this time is not used wisely. Other benefits include:

Industry experience
Ability to change teams freely
Metrics and forecasting tools
Internal Struggles

An in-house team tends to come with a lot of overhead. If your business is small or looking to scale back, outsourcing these duties can be the best way to keep a tight leash on your budget and still see exceptional results.
There are many ways to market your business. Find the right strategies for your needs and see what a difference it makes.

Contract Protection for the Client

Many companies or individuals who provide a contractual service are asked to provide guarantee insurance. This is security for the client, providing a guarantee of the work to be done and the overall quality as outlined in the service contract, It usually deals with the financial aspect of the arrangement. As the advisers at Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers, Inc. recommend, anyone working the manufacturing or construction sector should have this kind of coverage.

Types of Guarantees

Not only is the insurance a guarantee for the contract components, but it can also be used whenever a contractor needs advance payments related to the services outlined in the contract. It’s the financial security that third parties need but also the original contract signer. Any work that is not completed according to the agreed-upon term is liable for compensation under the terms of the insurance coverage. There are several different types of guarantees offered among the different sectors. They include:

Guarantee of advance payment return
Tender guarantee
Guarantee of payment
Contract execution guarantee
Guarantee of credit return
Guarantee of warranty execution

Anyone proving services that rely on contractual foundations should have a comprehensive insurance plan in place to cover these guarantees. It is most helpful for independent contractors that deal with construction, plumbing, electrical, or landscaping jobs. It is also a wise investment for manufacturing companies who must fulfill clients orders according to requested specifications.

Resolving Employee Injury Claims

There is an expectation that a worksite will be free from safety and health hazards, but unfortunately, accidents happen. Because of the company liability surrounding workplace accidents, workers compensation policies were mandated by state governments across the country. This insurance coverage offers wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who were injured, contracted occupational disease, or killed while on the job. However, U.S Risk warns that not all company employees may be covered under a workers comp plan, as contract labor or ineligible employees are excluded from coverage.

Coverage Alternatives

For those who aren’t eligible for workers compensation benefits, a company might provide occupational insurance. Because of the company’s operations and exposure, they may not need a comprehensive plan and can establish more specific deductibles, limits, and disability coverage for their needs. Just as a workers comp plan would do, an occupational policy will provide funds for death benefits, medical expenses, or lost wages. However, it does not provide much by the way of legal funds.

Areas of Concern

When considering what insurance to carry, take into account the most common areas of workplace injury.

Falls, trips, and slips
Being struck by an object
Machinery accidents
Workplace violence
Transportation incidents
Unintentional overdoses

Choose your insurance plan carefully, as the financial cost is only the first concern. Plan on having the best protection against potential lawsuits and employee claims.

Keeping Patrons Safe Aboard Your Marine Vessel

Providing boating services is very valuable for the transportation of goods and people. Like ground transportation, navigating over waterways requires a unique set of considerations for anybody aboard your vessel. This can be especially important for groups that may have special needs such as pregnant women, children, the elderly or individuals who need physical accommodations to ride comfortably and safely. While it may take some initial research and preparation to cater to the diverse needs of your patrons, it can be worth it for your reputation and marketability to be known as a business that considers all customers.

Special Accommodations

While each customer should be treated as an individual, understanding the needs of certain groups can help you to better anticipate what your customers might need. For example, boating while pregnant might be a concern for some of your customers. By providing helpful guidelines for these patrons, such as the ones outlined by Mariners Insurance, you can help them to make an informed decision well before setting sail. Aside from providing written disclosures, owners of these marine vessels can also do the following to ensure their customers have a safe and enjoyable experience:

Adhering to any federal or state laws for individuals with disabilities
Ensuring that the marine vessel is up to code
Keeping current with licensing, insurance and other legalities
Communicating with customers before and during each trip as necessary to ensure their safety and comfort

State and Federal Road Trucking Laws Explained

Transporting goods via huge semi-trucks is big business, and each year billions of dollars of equipment, foodstuffs, and essential non-combustibles are transported between states and across the United States. By law, truckers are required to have liability insurance in a specified and sufficient amount as stated by the area he or she works in. This can get complicated when the driver’s routes fall under both state and federal trucking laws. The industry experts at American Team Managers Insurance Services provide additional helpful information regarding these laws.

State Trucking Laws

Across America, only nine states allow truck drivers to transport goods within the state without filing a commercial form. When the drivers move across state lines, there are often state fees to pay and various proofs of insurance to provide.

Federal Trucking Laws

Truck drivers that move across state lines must complete a federal filing for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This is a comprehensive filing that includes a BMC 91 document that indicates that the driver’s company has ample liability insurance to cover the transportation of goods between states. Some forms must be submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, while other forms must be attached to the driver’s insurance policy itself.
With so many trucking forms and insurances policy verification required between state and government levels, it is a good thing the FMCSA is protecting American interests. It is also a good thing the insurance companies are there to help provide the required trucking policies.

The Secret Behind Financial Bond Insurance and How It Can Protect You

Protecting your assets is a hard lesson many Americans learned during the last financial crises. As times get tough once again, many financial institutions are getting pressure from clients as they acknowledge they are constantly being bombarded by a wide range of potentially damaging exposures. Banks, credit unions, internet and investment banks, brokerage firms, and savings and loan associations all look to financial institution bond coverage for protection. Here are some ways that financial bonds can provide coverage.

The Bankers Blanket Bonds

Once known as the banker’s blanket bond, the financial bond is prepared by an insurer under which coverage can contain illegal employee acts including

Intentional dishonesty

This business insurance protects you and your company from finance-related and on the job problems associated with your employees.

The Risks Have Expanded

While times have changed, the threats and risks to financial institutions have also transformed. No longer is it a simple case of watching your employees to protect yourself. Financial institution bond coverage can now also cover

Computer fraud

Protect your balance sheet with a financial institution bond. No matter how large or small your business is, a financial bond can protect you from threats by employees from inside and outside your institution. Check with your insurance provider today to see what programs they can design for your business.

Protecting Yourself from Potential Liability

The world is filled with surprises, and many circumstances are out of your control. When you are driving an automobile, you are not in control of how all of the other drivers choose to navigate on the road. As you are preparing for a life-altering surgery, you cannot determine if the surgeon will perform this procedure correctly. There are an endless amount of circumstances that involve potential liability, and you must protect yourself to ensure you are not liable for the entire cost. This is why the majority of Americans reach out to insurance risk services to defend themselves in the present and future.

Utilizing Insurance Risk Services

As it stands, it is currently illegal to drive a vehicle without automotive insurance. While this is true, if you get into a car accident, your insurance provider will help cover any new damages. However, if you did not have this insurance policy, you would be responsible for paying all of these expenses yourself. The same thought process applies to homeowners insurance or medical insurance. A mortgage lender would like for you to have this policy to make sure your house is protected. In the case of the pharmaceutical industry, the exorbitant prices on the marketplace are costs that no individual wishes to take on alone.

Two Crucial Commercial Policies Explained

If you are looking into acquiring business insurance or hoping to expand your coverage then you have likely heard about directors and officers (D&O) insurance. You may have heard about errors and omissions insurance (E&O). Upon first glance, these two policies may sound pretty similar. However, the difference between D&O and E&O insurance lies within the fine details.

Who They Cover?

As the name, directors, and officers, would suggest, D&O is built specifically for the high executives of a business. This can include corporate teams and committees. Meanwhile, errors and omissions come into play for employees, companies themselves and even subcontractors. Both policies do not protect anyone who commits an illegal activity.

What Do They Help With?

Directors and officers insurance is helpful when a higher executive is accused of misrepresentation, misuse of funds, theft of intellectual property or failure to disclose conflict of interest. Meanwhile, errors and omissions protect an employee in case they face a claim of negligent service or poor work.
These key differences make it clear that these policies are two separate entities. It is recommended that any type of business acquire both of these protections. Now that you the difference between D&O and E&O insurance, you are better prepared to build your coverage alongside a qualified insurer.

Three Tricks for Migraine Pain

When your head feels like it’s being hammered from the inside out you will take any help you can get. Migraines are the real deal, and unfortunately coping with them is unique to every person. Some simple tricks are known to relieve pain for the majority of people, though, so give one or all a try the next time you feel a migraine coming on.

Medical Marijuana

Highly concentrated products like full extract cannabis oil (FECO) and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) are created with pain in mind. They are grown as medicines to help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, migraines not excluded.


As if the coffee wasn’t a God-given creation unto itself, the caffeine in your morning cup might actually help with migraine pain. Like marijuana, caffeine reduces inflammation and can be a natural booster to over the counter painkillers like aspirin.

Hot or Cold

Depending on what feels better to you, hot or cold compresses against your noggin might ease the tension. Whichever you choose to try, hold it against your head for 15 minutes, then remove for 15 minutes. Repeat the cycle until you start to feel better.

Migraines can ruin everyday life and make for long, miserable days, but relief is possible. Try a method that works for you and feel better fast.