Why Website Design Matters for Your Insurance Agency

Having a strong web presence is key when you’re trying to grow your business. Though your insurance agency might already have a website, you can always benefit from taking a look at its design and making a few changes. Research shows that design directly influences how consumers feel about a business, meaning you should take advantage of any opportunity to enhance the way it looks and functions. Consider these points and get a better idea of why the design of your site matters.

Elements of Design

When it comes to insurance agency website design, there are a few main factors to focus on. One, the design you come up with will help to give your brand an identity. However, aesthetics are only a part of the equation. To truly make changes that yield impressive results, you should also think about the navigation features of your site. If a consumer comes to your page and it is difficult to figure out or confusing, it greatly reduces the odds the person will stick around. Other areas of design to consider include:

  • Optimized copy
  • Appropriate backlinks
  • Individual landing pages

Make Changes

By putting an emphasis on the design side of your site, you can make changes that start to show you some real results. Put in the effort and discover how a few adjustments can help enhance your brand.

What Is Manufacturing Liability Coverage?

Manufacturers have always faced unique challenges when designing a risk management plan, even before the last few decades of industry globalization made issues of jurisdiction a major point of your insurance planning. Traditionally, there have been coverage options for third party liability to protect you from claims made by customers and others who use your goods long after they’ve left your shop. Companies also need on-site liability coverage that protects visitors and employees alike in the event of an accident leading to injury. Today’s manufacturing liability insurance is even more complex, though, because it needs to provide coverage no matter where your goods end up and it needs to protect you against supply chain interruptions and other issues that can disrupt your ability to fulfill customer orders.

Benefits of Comprehensive Liability Protection

You can seek out individual liability policies for all the areas you need covered, but there are a few really good reasons to seek a combined liability policy for manufacturers that puts all your coverage on one bill.

  • Streamlined costs for coverage by combining liability protections
  • Simplified insurance review annually
  • Complementary language across classes of liability coverage
  • One point of contact for liability-based claims

In addition to all these benefits, a combined manufacturing liability insurance policy from an insurer who makes your industry, the center of their business brings you the benefits of that insurer’s experience with companies just like yours, making it easier to fine-tune your coverage and get answers to your questions.

Why Do Insurance Agents Need SEO?

With the internet so widely available, it’s essential that insurance agents take advantage of online marketing. One of the best ways is to utilize search engine optimization, called SEO for short. In fact, every business can benefit from SEO, and if you’re not incorporating it into your marketing campaign, you’re actually falling behind.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO uses keywords to boost your webpages’ rankings on search engines results pages such as those generated by Google and Bing. The best search engine optimization for insurance agents is tailored to agencies’ specific needs using data analysis, as seen on agencytsunami.com. This ensures that your pages are being seen by visitors who are more likely to need your services.

What Are the Benefits?

The number one benefit is a boost to your site’s traffic. Search engine optimization for insurance agents targets internet users interested in policies, driving them toward applicable pages on your website. As a result, you may see more conversions and an increase in policy sales. SEO can also be used to position your company as an authority on insurance, which is essential to brand development.

Many people turn to the internet to research policies before buying. To make sure you’re the first resource they see, invest in search engine optimization for insurance agents.

A New Law That Will Change Your Marketing

If you’re in marketing, you know that things are constantly changing. Another change on the horizon is the California Consumer Privacy Act that is set to take effect in 2020. What is the CCPA and how does it affect your marketing efforts? Let’s take a look.

What The Law Is

In the past, companies could sell and share consumer data with third parties, but that left consumers open to identity and data theft by cybercriminals. In 2018, voters approved the CCPA that allows them to decide how companies can use their information. For example, consumers can opt-out of information sharing and the law also protects consumers from any discrimination for doing so.

How It Affects Your Business

This law seems like it puts restrictions on your business at first glance. However, you can use it to your advantage, according to https://www.agencytsunami.com/. Be upfront about the changes and let your consumers know that they now have a choice of whether they want their information shared. This makes you seem more trustworthy and reputable. Plus, you can establish a rewards program for consumers that opt-in, which creates more loyal customers and keeps your information sharing legal.

Be Prepared for the Changes

Changes are a part of digital marketing. When your consumers ask you, “What is the CCPA?”, you can be prepared to answer and offer a solution.

The Right Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Marketing is everything when it comes to the future of your company. When you create and implement the right marketing strategies, it can make a huge difference for your overall success. Of course, there are certain considerations to take before you can reap these benefits. For one, you might be wondering should insurance agencies hire in house or external marketing team. To understand the answer to this, it can be a good idea to look over some basic details.

External Advantages

According to the professionals at agencytsunami.com/, there are a few approaches you can consider for this. Working with an external team can offer you a few advantages. For one, you only pay for the work that is completed. With an in-house team, employees are paid hourly and all of this time is not used wisely. Other benefits include:

Industry experience
Ability to change teams freely
Metrics and forecasting tools
Internal Struggles

An in-house team tends to come with a lot of overhead. If your business is small or looking to scale back, outsourcing these duties can be the best way to keep a tight leash on your budget and still see exceptional results.
There are many ways to market your business. Find the right strategies for your needs and see what a difference it makes.