Businesses are built by people, and people function best when they are happy. Numbers show that when your employees are happy, your business reaps the rewards. One of the easiest ways to increase employee happiness is to have an open flow of communication in the workplace.

Better Communication, Better Numbers

Clear communication in the workplace helps employees establish and clarify business values and daily goals. Establishing business objectives clarifies expectations and unifies employees in a purpose. Having clear guidelines established increases your daily productivity. Studies estimate that poor communication practices can cost organizations up to $62.4 million a year. In addition to saving your budget, good communication increases employee production. Employees who feel positively about the communication in their work environment perform 4.6 times better than their counterparts.

Healthy Communication, Healthy Culture

In addition to increased productivity, healthy workplace communication boosts workplace culture and thus employee loyalty. By establishing a trustworthy, non-threatening environment and boosting employee self-esteem you decrease employee turnover. Research reflects that employees who are stressed out and not supported in their work environment are 50% more likely to seek other employment. Considering that replacing an employee can cost up to 20% of that person’s salary, keeping employee turnover low is just more cost-effective. The impacts of positive communication on a business save you money in the long run.

Good communication is a basic practice of good business. Positive communication is the smartest investment you can make; and as employee satisfaction goes up, so will your numbers.

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