If you carry a homeowner’s insurance policy you probably already have personal liability coverage. Personal liability is the portion of your homeowner’s policy that covers any costs that are incurred if someone is injured or their property is damaged at your home.

While it is unlikely that you will need more insurance than your homeowner’s policy already provides, you may be concerned that your current policy exposes you to too much risk. If this is the case you will need to buy personal liability umbrella coverage.

What Is a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy?

A personal liability umbrella policy protects you against liability claims in excess of your homeowner’s policy. It can cover you if you face liability claims in excess of the coverage you have on your auto or watercraft policies as well.

Who Does an Umbrella Policy Cover?

The umbrella policy will cover not only you but all of the other members of your family or household.

What Doesn’t an Umbrella Policy Cover?

Umbrella insurance covers injuries to others or damage to their property, but does not protect the policy holder’s property. If your concerns revolve around the value of your own property, you may need to increase coverages on your homeowner’s policy.  
If you suspect that you need a personal liability umbrella policy, call your trusted insurance professional today.

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