Mariners Insurance

Providing boating services is very valuable for the transportation of goods and people. Like ground transportation, navigating over waterways requires a unique set of considerations for anybody aboard your vessel. This can be especially important for groups that may have special needs such as pregnant women, children, the elderly or individuals who need physical accommodations to ride comfortably and safely. While it may take some initial research and preparation to cater to the diverse needs of your patrons, it can be worth it for your reputation and marketability to be known as a business that considers all customers.

Special Accommodations

While each customer should be treated as an individual, understanding the needs of certain groups can help you to better anticipate what your customers might need. For example, boating while pregnant might be a concern for some of your customers. By providing helpful guidelines for these patrons, such as the ones outlined by Mariners Insurance, you can help them to make an informed decision well before setting sail. Aside from providing written disclosures, owners of these marine vessels can also do the following to ensure their customers have a safe and enjoyable experience:

Adhering to any federal or state laws for individuals with disabilities
Ensuring that the marine vessel is up to code
Keeping current with licensing, insurance and other legalities
Communicating with customers before and during each trip as necessary to ensure their safety and comfort