“Black Pearl”, the title of one of Tshombe, the Poet’s hip-hop songs speaks of love – a woman with silk smooth skin, the daughter of Sheba. He speaks of her body, each part, and the strength that he gets – her lips that spread truth, the wisdom that stimulates his intellect. “You are the foundation.”


He talks about her as his destiny…that this woman holds the key to his redemption. How could he possibly forsake her? She stood by him as he failed in his efforts to become great. She is strength. All she asks for in return is his respect and to be honored by him. She will give him everything for the dignity she deserves.


Although this message seems to be quite personal and intimate, between Tshombe, the Poet, and this woman, who he extols as his “life”, it is a universal message, speaking to all who receive and give love yet perhaps don’t truly value the gift that they have been given. In his own way, he is reinforcing the values of matrimony – to honor, to respect. And that is what his love is asking of him, as all woman want from their partners.


“Black Pearl” is a wonderful message for all who are open to listening to Tshombe, the Poet.


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