In today’s litigious society, it is more important than ever to have adequate insurance coverage. This is especially true in the staffing industry because you are sending workers to a third party location and relinquishing a lot of the control that you would ordinarily have over employees that remain on site. You are also more vulnerable to discrimination lawsuits because of the high volume of applicants you will process each year. So how do you know how much employment agencies insurance is enough? Start by finding a company that specializes in the staffing industry and provide them with the necessary information. From there they can recommend the best insurance products for your needs.

Most companies that offer employment agencies insurance will require you to fill out an online application to start the quote process. You will probably be required to estimate your payroll or sales revenue to obtain an accurate quote. It is important to take the time to come up with an accurate projection figure. If you estimate too high, you will likely end up paying a higher premium that you need; too low and you will end up with gaps in your coverage.

You may also need to provide a copy of your employee handbook when obtaining quotes for employment agencies insurance. This should not only outline the policies and procedures for screening potential candidates, but should also detail standards of conduct for temporary employees when they are working at a third party location.

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