Manufacturing workspace injuries can happen for any number of reasons. Poorly-maintained equipment, poor training, and lazy habits can put workers at risk of serious injuries or fatalities. Here are a few ways to prevent a variety of injuries.

Wear Safety Glasses

As the saying goes, if you are wondering if you should put on a pair of safety glasses, the answer is yes. Impact injuries and lacerations to the eye can lead to permanent blindness or at the very least, severe pain. A couple of millimeters of plastic between your eyes and a stray metal shard can mean the difference between a good day and a bad one.

Don’t Wear Gloves

Yes, that is correct. Although many manufacturing activities can be made safer and easier using gloves, some jobs require bare hands. These types of jobs involve any piece of machinery that twists, rotates, or drags through or across materials. Gloves can pose a serious threat because they can get caught in machinery and drag your limb or your whole body into the equipment, resulting in serious injury or death.

Manufacturing workspace injuries can be prevented by using the proper personal protective equipment or by keeping your hands free and clear from machinery. The proper equipment alongside proper training and habits can lead to a safer work environment.

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