Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance in Middleton, WI may be one of the newer automobile insurance companies, at least compared to some other companies that have been around for decades, but because they have been “progressive” and innovative, they have brought car insurance into the 21st century. Their ability to provide the insurance that car owners really need and want has made them the new powerhouse, with over 10 million car auto insurance policies in force.

With their popular insurance policies, they don’t have to worry about more competitive prices from the other insurance companies. In fact, to illustrate that fact, they publish their competitors’ prices in real time alongside with their own. This shows exactly how confident they are in their ability to compete as well as garnering customer loyalty by helping them buy insurance in the way that they want. This practice is reminiscent of the movie Miracle On 34th Street, where a department store Santa, who just happens to be the real Santa, tells customers the best prices for the toys they want, even if it is not at the store where he is working. Progressive Insurance in Middleton, WI has come a long way by avoiding treating the customers like idiots that they must ease into their product in a cagey manner, and simply giving them all the information they need and letting them make their own decision. They demonstrate that they really do want to help their customers buy the best insurance, even if it is not their own.

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