Contractors and construction companies understand that safety must always be a priority. Between the heavy machinery, dangerous power tools, and difficult working conditions, it’s incumbent on you as a leader to create and promote safe environments on all your project sites. The date and time of day are also major factors in taking proper precautions. Outside temperatures and weather conditions can also heighten risks to safety, especially during the summer. Here’s what you should know.

Keeping Things Cool

In most places, summer days are the hottest time of year, and nearly half of reported heat-related ailments were from the construction sector. Consider these precautions for working in the summer:

  • Wearing clothes that are lightweight and breathable with moisture control properties
  • Wearing head coverings, pants, and long-sleeve tops to protect from UV rays
  • Providing water and other appropriate beverages to keep workers hydrated
  • Requiring workers take periodic breaks as necessary

Having the proper summer construction gear is key, especially since personal protective equipment such as hard hats and protective eyewear is required.

Taking Care of Business

As a business owner, you know that good risk management also includes taking the proper steps to minimize your exposures. This includes going the extra mile for safety during the summer heat. You owe it to your employees, your clients, and your partners to be proactive about eliminating workplace incidents.

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