Get the Insurance Made for the Insurance Profession

Error & obligation coverage is basic for just about every kind of business, but the specific incidents covered can vary a lot from industry to industry. That’s why it’s best to advise clients to work with an agent who understands their field. E&O insurance for insurance agents is no different, it’s best when it’s designed by people who really understand the industry, the commitments we make to our clients, and the exposure agents and brokers face as they help connect individuals and businesses to the carriers that work best for their needs.

Claims and New Coverage

It’s not exactly a secret that E&O coverage can be hard to find if you’ve filed a claim with a previous insurer, but there are changes coming. According to Axis Insurance, there are programs like theirs built just for companies who have claims on their records. Insurance is meant to be there for you when the unexpected happens, so you’re not short on resources while you recover. No one should be punished for having to use a product after buying it, especially not the people whose job it is to act as ambassadors for the profession. If you’re looking for new coverage and you’re having trouble finding competitive rates, look for an insurer whose commitment is to providing coverage to agents like yourself, and see what’s out there to help keep you moving forward.

Keeping Patrons Safe Aboard Your Marine Vessel

Providing boating services is very valuable for the transportation of goods and people. Like ground transportation, navigating over waterways requires a unique set of considerations for anybody aboard your vessel. This can be especially important for groups that may have special needs such as pregnant women, children, the elderly or individuals who need physical accommodations to ride comfortably and safely. While it may take some initial research and preparation to cater to the diverse needs of your patrons, it can be worth it for your reputation and marketability to be known as a business that considers all customers.

Special Accommodations

While each customer should be treated as an individual, understanding the needs of certain groups can help you to better anticipate what your customers might need. For example, boating while pregnant might be a concern for some of your customers. By providing helpful guidelines for these patrons, such as the ones outlined by Mariners Insurance, you can help them to make an informed decision well before setting sail. Aside from providing written disclosures, owners of these marine vessels can also do the following to ensure their customers have a safe and enjoyable experience:

Adhering to any federal or state laws for individuals with disabilities
Ensuring that the marine vessel is up to code
Keeping current with licensing, insurance and other legalities
Communicating with customers before and during each trip as necessary to ensure their safety and comfort

Secure Your Business With Strong Liability Coverage

When running a business, it is crucial to protect every component from the risks of every day and the litigation of unhappy third-parties. One of these business aspects is your management. It is not uncommon these days for a lawsuit to the board of directors, executives and the company itself. This is why it vital to invest in the right kinds of management liability. Working with a management liability insurance specialist can get you the types of coverage you need to build a strong defense.

What Exactly is Management Liability?

Management liability is the title for the types of insurance that protect those at higher levels of the company. This usually includes directors, managers and officers. This coverage helps you handle the financial burden involved with lawsuits made against these members of management and there are few individual kinds.

Directors and Officers Liability

D&O handles the litigation claiming directors and officers made a negligent decision or acted in a wrongful way. This can include decisions that resulted in the financial loss of a third-party.

Employment Practices Liability

This type of liability protects companies from lawsuits brought forth by employees. Litigation can include alleged sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to employ and emotional distress.

If you want to learn more about this important coverage, consult a management liability insurance specialist today to get started.