Health Coverage Costs

Your pool of employees probably contains at least one person with a chronic medical condition. A study by a health care company discovered only 39 percent of patients felt comfortable managing their ongoing medical conditions. Therefore, a key to keeping health care costs down is helping employees reach out to their primary care physicians. Encouraging communication reduces health coverage costs.

Encourage Connection

There are many ways you can support employees in talking with their doctors to keep on top of their health and prevent more serious illnesses from occurring. Options include:

  • Offer specific inducements. Give employees incentives for talking regularly with their doctors concerning their health and successfully managing their conditions. Such prizes could include extra time off, an office party, or gift cards for restaurants and shops.
  • Send regular emails. Periodic email alerts are an effective way of reminding and gently persuading employees to keep in touch with their doctors. Regular email notices make it easier for some employees to commit to wellness routines and scheduled checkups.
  • Provide in-house support. Research has found that people who get support from their employers are more likely to stay on top of chronic conditions, consult their doctors, and embrace healthy lifestyles.

Encouraging employees to talk with their doctors now about disease management makes a huge difference in reduced health care costs in the future.

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