In-Home Physical Therapy

A full spectrum of excellent home care for an individual with an acute injury or a chronic medical condition may include in-home physical therapy. There are several significant benefits of incorporating physical therapy into home health care services.

Facilitate Consistent PT

Home health care PT can help people maintain consistency with their PT regimens. When most people go to facilities for PT, they’re assigned exercises to perform at home. Having a regular care provider monitor all facets of PT including daily exercises that aren’t part of an intensive physical therapy session can ensure that they’re performed correctly and consistently.

Create Easy Access to Ongoing PT

When people have a health condition or age-related mobility restriction, it may be difficult to get to and from a PT facility. When PT can take place in someone’s home, it eliminates a considerable barrier to getting PT treatment on a regular basis.

Provide a Vital Service Covered by Insurance

Many health insurance programs including Medicare will entitle a plan to in-home PT. They may be more likely to take advantage of this important benefit when they’re able to do so concurrently with other medical care in their homes.

In-home PT from a licensed care provider can have several key advantages. Ultimately, it can help individuals better manage underlying medical conditions and enjoy a better quality of life.

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