Employees who suffer an illness or injury may be worried about how they’ll provide for their families should they require time off to heal. Fortunately, the modern workplace does provide safeguards and many employers are even compelled by law to provide them. These are the top three ways

Family and Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a U.S. Department of Labor mandate to protect the jobs of those forced to leave work to care for themselves or a family member in certain medical situations. This is typically unpaid leave, but the employer must hold the employee’s job open during the absence. In addition, some states also offer paid family leave for certain scenarios

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation helps pay for medical bills and lost wages for injuries sustained on the job. Sometimes, FMLA and workers comp may both apply for an injury that turns into a covered medical condition. In that case, the employer would apply whichever is more beneficial to the employee.

Life and Health Insurance

Life and health are common insurance benefits offered to employees that can help in the event of an employee’s illness. While health insurance is there to pay the ongoing medical costs, life insurance benefits can replace the employee’s salary in the family should the worker pass away.

Employees are often worried about what would happen if they were unable to work. Thankfully, American businesses are equipped with benefits that apply when an employee becomes sick or injured.


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