Tshombe the Poet takes us into the 21st Century, musing over how the digital age has transformed us, as we’re lost in the .dot coms where the “mouse has us trapped”! What a clever play on words as Tshombe brings to life our dependency on computers, smarphones, and iPads – connected like an umbilical chord to these devices. Thumbs clicking away on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media platforms to stay connected, all the while disconnecting from the fabric of our lives.


Tshombe reminds us that we are looking for love in the all the wrong places, “more concerned about how our faces look in Facebook”. Think about it: Every time you upload a photo, take a video, what are you saying to your virtual world? What are you showing? The real you? The virtual you? Tshombe, the Poet, has us looking inward as to what we’re really aiming for, a life of real connection or one that has a screen between us and others.


All of his commentaries are set to riffs and sounds – verbal jazz as he calls it – that are meant to sometimes offset the strong messages he is conveying while at other times designed to underscore the meanings of his words. Each of his words has been carefully chosen. His voice is mesmerizing, its depth soothing, while the words he speaks can be quite cutting. You are left with an experience that leaves you wanting more.

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