Tshombe Sekou, Tshombe The Poet, is part of a small group of North American independent artists who have taken poetry to a new level. He has the unique ability of expressing his innermost thoughts in a way that is reminiscent of both ancient philosophers and great thinkers like Krishnamurti and Khalil Gibran.


With ocean sounds and drums beating in a melodic rhythm, Tshombe brings us into his world of truth through uncensored thought-provoking commentary. He refers to his style as verbal jazz, combining his love for jazz and poetry and his life’s experiences into one-verse.


“Life is a gift”, he says, and speaks in metaphors to deliver his message. His deep voice resonates with his listeners as they are encouraged to lay back, stay a while, and think about what he is saying.


In the song Kai (Life), he extols what life is about and how so many of us have lost our way, no longer “meeting the beauty of the birth of a new sun”, but getting caught up by the lines of lies we are snorting, becoming greedy, and getting high on our own supplies. We change our clothing, he says, and mask ourselves pretending to be someone else because of our self-loathing. All the while as we listen to these challenging words we’re lulled by background music that is soothing and comforting.


The juxtaposition of his deep voice and scathing commentary (albeit with metaphors that delight) on humanity set against music that is meant to soothe is not lost upon the listener. You want to continue to listen, to hear what Tshombe, the Poet, has to say. To see if you agree – or disagree. To ponder over his message and then listen again to fully realize where you stand.


He takes on big issues – the treatment of woman, drug abuse, apathy, lack of education, and so many other social issues – all set to a beat and a poetic rhythm that prevents you from hitting stop.

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