Plight of The African Children

In his song, Kai (Life), Tshombe The Poet speaks of the degeneration of this generation. He speaks of greed and self-loathing and how we have turned our backs to the real meaning of life. He also speaks of the plight of African children and makes reference to the diamond trade and the need for “ice”.


“African children digging in mines instead of developing their minds, so they sing freedom songs as they are made to be slaves for the sake of blame. So that our wives can show us how much we love them through the size of their rings”. This is a verse from “Kai” that Tshombe so eloquently reveals, capturing the real essence of the moral breakdown we face when children are not being educating but instead are mining for ice so that we who have riches can don rings, necklaces, and bracelets made of gems mined by the hands of our young.


His poetic brilliance, which is both simple and complex, set against a jazzy soundtrack and his ability to bring his commentary to life sets the tone for reflection…perhaps discussion, even movement. He reminds us of what life should be about, not what it is, especially for the disenfranchised, such as the homeless and the “child that feels the pain when there is nothing to eat”.


Tshombe, the Poet, reminisces in “Kai” when it was just about “we”. Now it’s just about “I”, he says. It’s a call for community, for that village that once was.