Manufacturers have always faced unique challenges when designing a risk management plan, even before the last few decades of industry globalization made issues of jurisdiction a major point of your insurance planning. Traditionally, there have been coverage options for third party liability to protect you from claims made by customers and others who use your goods long after they’ve left your shop. Companies also need on-site liability coverage that protects visitors and employees alike in the event of an accident leading to injury. Today’s manufacturing liability insurance is even more complex, though, because it needs to provide coverage no matter where your goods end up and it needs to protect you against supply chain interruptions and other issues that can disrupt your ability to fulfill customer orders.

Benefits of Comprehensive Liability Protection

You can seek out individual liability policies for all the areas you need covered, but there are a few really good reasons to seek a combined liability policy for manufacturers that puts all your coverage on one bill.

  • Streamlined costs for coverage by combining liability protections
  • Simplified insurance review annually
  • Complementary language across classes of liability coverage
  • One point of contact for liability-based claims

In addition to all these benefits, a combined manufacturing liability insurance policy from an insurer who makes your industry, the center of their business brings you the benefits of that insurer’s experience with companies just like yours, making it easier to fine-tune your coverage and get answers to your questions.

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