There is an old saying that warns not to mix business and pleasure. While this is usually meant to be taken with a grain of salt, there are times when life showcases exactly why this adage first came about. When your employees travel as part of their duties, it stands to reason that they will unwind and enjoy themselves a bit after completing work for the day. Unfortunately, this can easily lead to an injury. To reduce the impact this has on your business, you should review your options with your insurance. 

Protect Your Employees

One coverage point that you may wish to consider is business pleasure accident insurance. With this type of coverage, you are protected in the event that an employee gets into an accident while engaged in non-work activities while on a business trip. Since you can’t expect your team members to visit new locations and simply sit in their hotel rooms, it makes sense to take out coverage for potential risks. Naturally, you should also discuss the fact that employees must exercise caution and discretion when it comes to their activities while away. Other coverage points to consider include:

  • Workers’ compensation coverage
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Commercial auto and rental vehicle coverage

Understand the Plan Options

While mixing business with pleasure is not an inherent recipe for disaster, it is still a point of which to stay aware. Review what kind of insurance best fits your needs for such situations and find a sense of relief.

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