As a professional electrician, your clients count on you to provide safe and effective solutions for their electrical needs. But what happens when the unexpected happens? Without appropriate liability insurance for electricians, you could be putting not only your business but also your family and personal property at risk.

What Does Liability Insurance Protect Electricians From?

Liability insurance can protect your business from many problems.

1. Injury Claims

If someone on your job gets hurt, be it an employee or a client, liability insurance can provide coverage for legal fees, settlements and medical costs.

2. Property Damage

Should a third party sustain property damage while you’re on their premises, this coverage can protect you.

3. Professional Mistakes

Mistakes happen to everyone. Should a mistake be made on a job that causes harm or damage to your client, professional liability can provide coverage to ensure your personal assets remain intact.

Why Do Electricians Need Special Liability Insurance?

Electricians work with high-stake projects, and the smallest error can cause huge problems. A simple mistake like an improperly capped wire can result in a fire that causes costly damages. You need to be protected against those claims or risk losing your business.

How Do I Know If I Have Enough Liability Coverage?

Every business owner should be prepared for the unexpected. Waiting until something goes wrong before reviewing your liability policies with a professional could cost both your company and your family dearly. Contact a professional now to be sure you have the protection you need.

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