Having a strong web presence is key when you’re trying to grow your business. Though your insurance agency might already have a website, you can always benefit from taking a look at its design and making a few changes. Research shows that design directly influences how consumers feel about a business, meaning you should take advantage of any opportunity to enhance the way it looks and functions. Consider these points and get a better idea of why the design of your site matters.

Elements of Design

When it comes to insurance agency website design, there are a few main factors to focus on. One, the design you come up with will help to give your brand an identity. However, aesthetics are only a part of the equation. To truly make changes that yield impressive results, you should also think about the navigation features of your site. If a consumer comes to your page and it is difficult to figure out or confusing, it greatly reduces the odds the person will stick around. Other areas of design to consider include:

  • Optimized copy
  • Appropriate backlinks
  • Individual landing pages

Make Changes

By putting an emphasis on the design side of your site, you can make changes that start to show you some real results. Put in the effort and discover how a few adjustments can help enhance your brand.

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