Workers Comp Choices for Temp Agencies

In most states, workers compensation programs are not one size fits all instruments. There are a couple monopoly jurisdictions out there, but by and large the requirements in place are minimum thresholds. Specialized employment insurance programs can customize additional terms to truly suit the needs of your business. So what makes workers comp insurance for temp agencies different?

Temp Agencies Have Unique Employment Models

When you provide labor to other businesses, the risks your workforce takes on are more varied than those of most businesses. At the same time, injuries on site at client locations may have shared liability between your company as the employer and the client as the property owner. Workers comp programs that cater to the temporary labor industry need to take these factors into account to accurately calculate risks and costs.

Get a Quote To Match Your Client Makeup

Some temporary employment agencies focus on a specific set of industrial niches, like those providing skilled lab workers to the medical and bioscience industries. They have a completely different risk model than agencies focusing on light industrial labor, for example. To learn about how tailored workers comp insurance for temp agencies can save you money, all you need to do is get in touch with an industry leader in the niche and request a quote.